Hi, I am Minghui Ju, a product designer specializing in creating physical products as well as digital interfaces.

Currently I just graduated with the degree of MFA Design and Technology at Parsons and seeked work opportunities in Shanghai.

I was working at ECCO before as an industrial designer.



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Hi, I am Minghui Ju, a product designer specializing creating physical products as well as digital interface.

Magnet Interface

< 2021 Fall >
A magnet is a unique carrier, which creates a magnetic field that is persistent and invisible. Magnet Interface is a desktop hub that allows you to use magnets to interact with compatible computer software through the magnetic forces and fields they generate.

(磁铁是一种独特的载体,它产生的磁场是持久的、看不见的。 Magnet Interface是一个桌面枢纽,允许你使用磁铁,通过它们产生的磁力和磁场与兼容的计算机软件进行互动。)

The final output is achieved in Processing, I’m inspired by Ignazio Lucenti, who did a fascinating visual effect of magnetic filed. In order to interact with the hub, you need to use three magnets on the hub, distributed on the left, middle and right.

Magnets are increasingly being used in a variety of products, usually as switches; For this project I hope to explore more possibilities for magnets to control more variables.

(最后的输出是在Processing中实现的,我的灵感来自Ignazio Lucenti,他做了一个迷人的磁力锉的视觉效果。为了与桌面枢纽互动,你需要在轮毂上使用三块磁铁,分布在左、中、右。

磁铁越来越多地被用于各种产品中,通常是作为开关;对于这个项目,我希望探索磁铁控制更多变量的可能性。 )

Magnets Instruction:
  • Right Magnet : Control the rotation of the particle system in Processing
  • Middle Magnet: Control the speed and strength of the particle system in Processing
  • Left Magnet: By moving the magnet, if the data that the magnetometer read reaches preset threshold, there will be two new particle systems that generating in Processing

( 右边的磁铁:控制Processing中的粒子系统的旋转

Video Demo:

What’s Inside:

  • A ESP32 board                                      一块ESP32微控制器
  • A linear potentiometer                       一个线性电位器
  • A potentiometer                                   一个电位器
  • A magnetometer MLX90393.           一个磁强计MLX90393
  • A Prema-Proto board                          一块Prema-Proto板
  • Three neodymium magnets.             三个钕铁硼磁铁

Previous Prototypes:

Phase 1: Quick prototypes with linear potentiometer and potentiometer and simple Processing interacting animation.第一阶段:用线性电位器和电位器以及简单的Processing互动动画做快速原型。

Phase 2: A foamboard prototype with the MLX90393 magnetometer inside & using magnet or AirPod to interact with it.第二阶段:一个泡沫板原型,里面有MLX90393磁力计,并使用磁铁或AirPod与之互动。