Hi, I am Minghui Ju, a product designer specializing in creating physical products as well as digital interfaces.

Currently I just graduated with the degree of MFA Design and Technology at Parsons and seeked work opportunities in Shanghai.

I was working at ECCO before as an industrial designer.



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Hi, I am Minghui Ju, a product designer specializing creating physical products as well as digital interface.

Minghui Ju Jason He/His/Him

Born and raised in Jiangsu, China. I moved to New York in 2015 and studied and worked there for 6 years. Currently I am studying MFA Design and Technogoly at Parsons School of Design. Minghui Ju is my Chinese name and I go by Jason.

About me

I really enjoyed experiencing with tangible objects in my life and I chose industrial design as my major during my undergraduate studies. During my studies at Pratt, I learned not only about the combination of form, color and function of objects, but also about the history of products and artifacts. After that, I was keen to combine design with technology and wanted to make pioneering designs. Therefore, I chose MFA DT at Parsons School of Design as my next stop.


2020-Present MFADT Parsons School of Design
2020 Global Offsite Program at Tongji University
2015-2019 Bachelor of Industrial Design at Pratt Institute


2021 XiangFang Future Technology Co. - Product Design Freelance
2019-2020 ECCO Design ECCO Design Consultancy Firm - Industrial Designer
2019 322118 Wood making Company - Freelancer
2018 Unicorn Design - Industrial Design Intern