Hi, I am Minghui Ju, a product designer specializing in creating physical products as well as digital interfaces.

Currently I just graduated with the degree of MFA Design and Technology at Parsons and seeked work opportunities in Shanghai.

I was working at ECCO before as an industrial designer.



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Hi, I am Minghui Ju, a product designer specializing creating physical products as well as digital interface.


< 2022 Spring - Thesis Project >
Instant communication shares a large proportion of daily social interaction. Expressions, subtle body movements, and gestures are examples of providing feedback in communication. Bespoke mask accessory kit with embedded capacitive touch sensors and MCU explores the methodology of expression detection and allows the wearer to provide real-time visual representations of expressions for interlocutors.

( 即时交流在日常社会交往中占有很大比例。表情、微妙的身体动作和手势是在交流中提供反馈的例子。带有嵌入式电容式触摸传感器和微控制器的定制口罩配件套件探索了表情检测的方法,并允许佩戴者为对话者提供表情的实时视觉表现。)

Project Description

SentiMasQ is a mask accessory that can be installed on a surgical mask. It detects the value of the capacitive touch of the conductive fabric at several locations inside the mask and compares it with a trained onboard machine learning model to calculate the wearer’s expression and display it on a flexible screen outside the mask. It provides an inclusive mask solution to help people communicate and transmit expressions, breaking down the barriers brought by face masks to interpersonal communications through speech and facial expressions.


Final Prototype: